Learning Basic web-HUMAN

"How to do it" examples - self-instruction via fully documented experiments

Each of the following self-instructional modules offer step by step examples of how to use web-HUMAN to set up & conduct various simulations.

Every experiment is accompanied by screen by screen snapshots.

Upon completing these three tutorials users should be well-prepared to design and carry out basic web-HUMAN experiments.


Basic "how-to" run the simulation tutorials (links below are to web pages unless indicated otherwise)

1-High Altitude: A sample one variable experiment investigating human response to a high altitude (12,500 ft.) environment.[ PDF version ]

2-Endurance Exercise: A sample multi-variable experiment investigating human response to a a simulated exercise bout. [ PDF version ]

3-Emphysema: A sample clinical pathophysiology experiment investigating long term response to loss of lung diffusion surface. [ PDF version ]