Since childhood: skinny, poor exercise tolerance
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I. The Case (& preliminary "hints")

Case - Since childhood: skinny, poor exercise tolerance

II. The Chart

We examine the information revealed in HUMAN by selecting < Your Patient's Chart > ...

... noting the possibility of a congenital condition ("since childhood"), the possibility of cardio-respiratory involvement (poor exercise tolerance) and history of low body weight.

III. The output data table

Among the tests run on Mr. Styles is a right-sided catheterization.
The catheterer is introduced into the femoral vein and advanced centrally towards the heart and data is collected serially on intravascular pressures (mmHg) and oxygen values (partial pressures, mmHg).

The View output: setup to collect such data in web-HUMAN is shown below.

The variables asked for, left to right, are mixed venous oxygen (PO2V), right heart O2, pulmonary vein O2 (PO2PV), pulmonary artery pressure and muscle venous PO2.

The subject is run for 30 days (!) with 10 days between printouts and yields the following data pattern ...

IV. More

This ends the hints section on this case.

You should attempt again at this point to arrive at a diagnosis and a treatment. To do so

Return to the HUMAN model's Physiology Lab section for this patient and verify

- the diagnosis by finding the appropriate variables to support your argument and

- the treatment, if possible, by changing parameters so as to stabilize the patient.

V. Analysis

If you wish further analysis and a diagnosis on this case and information on how it was created, click on this link ( analysis ) and log in as requested.

* Note: Case hints and analyses are based heavily on Drs. Randall and Coleman's HUMAN-80 Instructor's Manual supplemented by notes of Dr. Coleman's in the model code itself and findings by myself and other colleagues over our years of use of these cases.